BVLGARI, Luxurious Italian Company (written by Latin alphabets taken its name from Bulgaris, a Greek word for Bulgaria which means “the Bulgarian” or the ones from Bulgarian decent) was launched by its own Greek founder, Sotirios Bulgaris in 1884.

Sotirios Bulgaris (by Italian pronunciation as Bulgari) was born in a village of Kalarites district. He started his job as a goldsmith in his homeland where there is still the very boutique over there. In 1881, he immigrated to Roma and inaugurated BVLGARI Company and his second boutique in Via Sistina in Roma in 1884. In 1905, this boutique was transferred to Via dei Condotti (One of the most known fashion centers of Roma by BVLGARI and his sons, Constantino and Giorgio.

After Giorgioe death, BVLGARI’s son, Gianni accepted leading the company along with his uncle, Marina. In the 70s, Gianni commenced his work internationally by launching a number of boutiques around the world such as New York, Geneva, Mont Carlo and Paris. In the late 70s, Gianni complemented the company activity trend by setting up watch manufacturer section and focusing on products design. In 1985, Gianni resigned and left the business by selling one third of his own shares to his brothers, Nicolas and Paolo.

In 1984, Nicolas and Paolo descendants managed the company afterwards and in the 90s, manufacturing line of BVLGARY fragrances and other luxurious products were launched.  Thus, BVLGARI was known as a manufacturing center for luxurious goods including gold, jewelry, glass, fragrance and accessories around the world. Among 1997-2003, BVLGARI increased its turnover by 150%. On 6 March, 2011, LVMH French Group took the control of BVLGARI by purchasing 50.4% of BVLGARI share in turn of 3% OF LVMH share and BVLGARI family became the second powerful family in LVMH Group. In the beginning of 2001, BVLGARI Company presented a new name in the atmosphere of the luxurious hotel by having a joint investment with luxurious Group of the Luxury Division of Marriott International: BVLGARI recreational hotel and resort. BVLGARI opened several hotels in Milan (2004), Bali (2006), and London (2012), respectively and a BVLGARI hotel in Shanghai is due to be launched this year.

BVLGARY products have a diverse and inimitable design. In 1970, a plenty of BVLGARY precious items including necklaces, bracelets and earrings were known by its architecture-like designs, elevations and its gold and steel combinations. Additionally, BVLGARY is famous for usage of extraordinary gemstones specifically sapphire; the gemstones which look like the conjunction of jewelry art and optical industry as well as offering splendid and resplendent glasses to its aficionados.