In 1860, at the age of 24, Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded the initial bases of Chopard brand in order to make pocket watches and highly accurate chronometer in Sonvilier, Swizerland. It was his son André Chopard who opened the first Chopard branch in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1921 due to the fact that he intended to expand the business and in 1937, Chopard Co. was relocated to Geneva (150 employees)and exclusively launched into the production of quality watches. After a while, Paul-André (Chopard’s grandson)who was not really into watchmaking sold the family brand to a young goldsmith and watchmaker called “Karl Scheufele”; such deal made Chopard internationally famous. Karl Scheufele as new Chopard Head renovated the company and added jewelry segment into the Chopard watch production. In 1974, the Chopard factory moved from the center of Geneva to Meyrin-Geneva. It marked a new stage for the company as it started producing ladies' and jewelry timepieces. The first Chopard jewelry collection “Happy Diamonds Collection” and the first watch collection designed by diamond named as “Happy Diamonds Watch” was introduced to the whole world.

Specific design of this collection in which the jewelry freely moves in a double glazed encasement instead of one stand has been a symbol of the brand which has been highly considered by Chopard designers and its fans. The first Chopard boutique was officially opened in Hong Kong in 1980 and Chopard made changes in the watch and jewelry world by offering unique designs and using the finest jewelry so that he became official partner of Cannes Festival in 1998 and Caroline Scheufele redesigned the Palme d'Or of the festival by the use of extraordinary handy crafts in Chopard workshops. From then, by offering new technologies every year in watchmaking industry and modern designs in jewelry, Chopard as an international activist tries to demonstrate his own method taken from quality, accuracy and seductive luxury in all aspects of his fans’ life while enhancing qualitative level of this industry, therefore in addition of watches and jewelry, Chopard distributes a wide range of productions and accessories including glasses, leather products, pens, artificial silk and fragrance using the highest technologies and best designs with the most luxurious approach to its followers. Quality, precision and seductive luxuries which exist in Chopard optical productions reminisce about an aristocraticstyle.