Christian Dior

Christian Dior, founder of one of the most luxurious Fashion Houses in the world was born on 21 January 1905 in Grill, France in a wealthy family. After leaving the school, Christian opened an art atelier in Paris by the help of his father’s capital in 1928 and began selling art works. In 1937, Dior was recruited by Robert Piguet’s Fashion House and designed three categories for the House. Dior would later say that Robert Piguet taught her the virtues of simplicity through which true elegance must be displayed. Whilst at Piguet, Dior worked alongside Balmain, and Marc Bohan. Meanwhile, Dior left Piguet when he was called up for military service. In 1942 and after leaving the army, Christian joined Lucien Lelong Fashion House as a designer. As the World War II started, Dior was arrested as one Member ofthe French ResistanceFront by Gestapo and sent to concentration camp and he was imprisoned there by May 1945.

On 8 December 1946, Dior founded his fashion house, backed by Marcel Boussac, a cotton-fabric magnate in Paris, France. His first independent collection was presented in 1947 and Dior would play a role in Fashion movement after the World War II by inspiration of his own instructors, Piguet and under influence of post-war conditions by submission of unique and delicate patterns shoulder to shoulder with certain designers such as Chanel. Consequently, in October 1957, Christian Dior died of heart  attack while on holiday in Montecantini, Italy.

High accuracy, remarkable simplicity and indefinite elegance have made Dior as one of the most famous fashion designers of the history. Now, Christian Dior Co. is one of the greatest luxurious production companies in the world in which simplicity and elegance of Dior is still flaunting on the products such as Dior glasses.