Oakley brand was founded in 1975 by James Jannard with an initial capital of 300-dollar. Oakley name is the acronym of two cities containing Oakland and Berkley in California to which Jannard had travelled as a child. James Jannard commenced his work by selling motorcycle steering wheels in Motorcross competition. Contrary to other products of the market, Oakley steering wheels used to be manufactured by special material “Unobtanium” which was exclusively invented by Jannard (Such material is still used in manufacturing of the temples and parts related to the nose of Oakley glass). Then, Jannard turned to produce steering wheels, gloves, elbow and chin protector and safety glasses for BMW Corporation and other activists in motorcycle world.

In 1980, Jannard released a pair of goggles called “O-Frame” and the “Oakley” logo was seen there on the straps, the brand garnered increasing recognition and prominence throughout the sports industry. In 1983, Oakley began selling ski goggles. The first Oakley sunglasses which looked more like to sport and security glasses came to the market in 1984. These were followed in 1985 by the Oakley Frogskin, a casual sunglass style that was made in Japan.Oakley brand enters the glass world as an international brand in 1995 and as of then, it has been one of the greatest glass manufacturer in the world by increasing trend as well as using specific technologies (such as manufacturing Oakley M Frame glass for US Army and specialized glasses for the workers rescued from mine collapse in Chile in October 2010 which were forced to be exposed to the light after 10 days of living in dark).