Porsche Design

In 1972, Porche Designing Studio was founded in Stuttgart, Germany by Ferdinand Alexander Porche, designer of 911 Porche and art-lover grandchild of Porche founder ( Germany corporation of manufacturing Sport and ordinary cars was established in Stuttgart of Germany). In 1974, this studio was transferred to Austria and in the precedent decades, it globally manufactures and sells classical accessories for men such as watches, glasses and stationaries along with car accessories.

At the same time, a number of industrial products, household appliances, consumer goods and even city tram of Vienna were offered to international costumers under “Porche Design by F.A” trade name. In 1994, commercial section of Porche Corporation selected “Porche Selection” for the products of this studio. The said name was altered to “Porsche Design Driver's Selection” in 2004 and in 2005, Porche Company picked “Porche Design” for all its accessories. In 2012, at the same time with the 40th anniversary of Porche design studio, this company inaugurated several stores around the world in order to sell “Porche Design” products. The biggest Porche Design store with an area of400 square meters is located in Berlin at this point. Remarkable delicacy used in designing and manufacturing the Porche products could boast to the most extent the elegant and distinct style of “Porche Design” by the use of the finest materials. Furthermore, it could be noted that the individuation applied in the glasses of Porche brand is reaching a peak.