Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle "Tom" Ford (born August 27, 1961) is an American fashion designer and film director. He gained international fame for his turnaround of Gucci and the creation of the Tom Ford label before directing the Oscar-nominated film “A Single Man”. He started his education by studying “History of Art” in University of New York. After a year, he began starring in TV Commercials and left the school. Then, he went to “ Parsons School of Design and Art” in order to study interior design. After one year and a half, he started working as an intern in Chloé press office in Paris where his passion for the fashion was flourished. He spent his last year of the education on fashion studies and finally graduated in interior design. After graduation, Tom could find a job in Fashion designing world as a designing assistant in Hardwick Sport Co. and worked there for a period of two years. In 1988, Ford joined Perry Ellis Company and started his work alongside Marc Jacobs (Designer of the Brand). After two years, being disappointed and desperate with American Fashion, Tom left his homeland to visit Europe and soon gained a golden opportunity to enter Europe Fashion World.

Gucci Co. which was looking for improving ready-to-wear female clothing line employed Ford as a senior designer for this segment. At once, Tom promoted in his carrier and in 1992 he started working as Gucci designer and manager of ready-to-wear lines, fragrances, advertising images and stores designing.  In 1993, he had been in charge of eleven manufacturing lines in Gucci. Then, Tom was assigned as Creativity Manager of Gucci in 1994 and he could increase Gucci sale by 90% using unique innovations in designing outfits and advertising campaigns, so that Tom Ford became the greatest personal stockholders of Gucci brand. In 1999 when Gucci conquered Yves Saint Lauran Fashion House, Ford started his own eminent activities to take back the credits to the classical Fashion House and he could revive the brand by uniqueadvertising campaigns. In 2004, Tom Ford left Gucci and founded “Tom Ford” Brand after two years along with Domenico de Sole, his success partner in Gucci in order to design and manufacture outfits for the men, glasses, cosmetic products and accessories. Ford was chosen as “The Modern Day Gentleman” in 2011 and in 2015 he was selected as one of the 50 top men in the world by GQ journal in addition of receiving a prize by CFDA for the best men outfit design.

Subtle enthusiasm, diversity and risk-taking of Tom Ford gives an energetic and free shape to his designs which are strongly seen in his explicit glass designs.