Salim Optics Group has started working from 1980 in the field of optical products by importing international reputable brands by the aim of offering the best of the Glass World ever. Furthermore, it has been supplying the finest products of the most decent brands with an emphasis on "maintaining the consumers’ rights”.

After more than 35 years, Salim Optics Group along with  Salim Commercial Group and Salim Lens Co. has been now one of the most prevailing and well-known active holdings in three sectors including import, distribution and sale of medical products and sunglasses. Focusing on the abundance of experience as well as benefiting from expert forces and latest technologies enabled Salim Group to offer the latest and finest products using the most complete services and supporting systems to its fans and followers in accordance with international standards.

It is noteworthy to mention that in order to meet the customers’ needs and tastes, Salim Group distributes its products by the use of style separation in six sections and six various stores as follow: Luxury House1 ( Supplier of medical products and sunglasses whether specific or luxurious) ,Luxury House 2 (Lavasanat), Brands House (Supplier of medical glasses of the most well-known brands in fashion world), Optical House ( Supplier of medical products along with special services for Optometry) and Trend House ( Supplier of the superior and most different modern brands of the fashion world), Special House ( Optical & kids eyewear)

Undoubtedly, shopping in Salim Optics would offer you a diverse experience.



Salim Optic ; Reflection of Trust